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composite deck planter boxes

Planter box made from composite decking is a completely eco-friendly outdoor decoration that you can grow plants in it. It has a decorative surface with high weather resistance which makes it an ideal alternative to traditional materials.
Composite decking planter boxes can provide a clean and beautiful surface while being more durable. In order to increase the scope of applications and meet the needs of customers as much as possible, Unifloor provide both square and rectangular planter boxes. More choices make your park, garden, courtyard more unique and attractive. You can select according to your application situation and favorable visual effect.


rectangular planter box

rectangle planter box

rectangle planter box


Square Planter Box


The planter kits can be widely used outside to deal with soil or space limitations, when the soil is not good for growing plants or when there is no enough space for gardening. With it, your garden can be more beautiful in vision with some designs. It requires lower maintenance.
Composite planter kits have all the advantages such as strength, durability, weather, and damage resistance. It is more reliable in areas with severe weather. It can decrease external problems from nature, like severe weather, pest damage, poor soil, and others. The specific benefits are as follows.


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Our products are trustworthy. It will be introduced in detail from the perspectives of environmental protection, durability, wide application, and diversity of styles, etc.

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Featured below are some of the most unique planter boxes for sale. No matter where you want to use it, which size, which color, or what style, you can choose the product you are satisfied with here.

composite planter boxes


The Unifloor composite planter box has a wooden appearance in multiple colors, which can be integrated with your house and garden naturally. Its smooth surface is not conducive to water stains and mud stains, and it can maintain cleanliness for a long time. It is also easy to clean. Therefore, you can save a lot of gardening troubles and enjoy more fun. For those who want to try new things, Unifloor provides comprehensive and reliable services. We will do our best to bring you the fun of exploring new things together.
If you have any questions about product materials, usage methods, precautions, installation steps, etc., please contact us, we will help you with professional knowledge, and look forward to your inquiry.


Combining the composite planter box with other durable furniture to create a beautiful outdoor space, connect with nature, and highlight your style.

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Unifloor® Customer Reviews

Out of my surprise, a small planter box can bring me such an unimaginable happy gardening time. Thank God, it is easy to maintain. I think it can last as long as I want.
I like the cedar color so much, it fits my garden best. I recommend cedar color, it looks like real wood. Besides it, it looks more modern than my old one. Best ever planter box I have!
The appearance of the Unifloor composite planter box is neat and beautiful. And it is easy to install and move. It saves much time.
Kenny Mcbay


Find answers to common questions about composite planter boxes

The composite deck planter box is a completely eco-friendly outdoor decoration that you can grow plants in it. It has a decorative surface with high weather resistance which makes it an ideal alternative to traditional materials.

Composite raised garden beds are safe in materials. Unifloor composite products are made of recycled wood fiber and recycled plastic which is more eco-friendly than other materials. They can also reduce pest damage which is safer for plants.

Yes, as we know, composite wood is a good material for planters. They are much lighter and more recyclable than plastic planters. They are easier to maintain and stronger in resistance than wooden planters. They are also modern and movable which can make your gardening time more pleasant.

Of course, you can. Composite wood can be a more durable material for planter boxes. First of all, they are made of safe material. Then, they are easy to install and easy to clean. Last but not least, they are strong in weather, water, fire, and pest resistance.

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