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WPC deck accessories

Composite accessories are matched with the deck, which is the key to complete the installation. They are also made of composite materials with the same durability and low maintenance. They are crucial for smooth installation and long-term use of the deck. It is necessary to understand the following accessories.

Adjustable decking support pedestals are often used in outdoor decking or tile. It is also described as a joist supporter or basement. It helps to support the joist sub-structure for decking. No matter how difficult the situation is, it provides convenience in an easy way. Unifloor offers 21 kinds of types in black with a wide size range: 18-220mm. You can choose the most suitable one here and make your life more comfortable.

Composite joists are necessary supporters of your long-lasting composite decking, they are also a perfect match on the pedestal. They are produced open-web steel trusses with a structural slab that can be used in swimming pool decking or garden decking. Unifloor composite joists are made of the same material as composite decking, so it is durable too. Meanwhile, the composite joist is eco-friendly with strong weather resistance. As for the color and size, we offer multiple selections and also provide customized service.

Starter clip is a kind of hidden deck fastener used to fasten the first and last deck. They are manufactured to achieve a fastener-free surface. Unifloor starter clips are made of wood-plastic composite materials that are recyclable. Starter clips featured high strength, low wear, and no deformation. Meanwhile, it requires no painting, no glue, and low maintenance. Regarding specifications and colors, we accept customized services to meet your needs.

Unifloor composite decking T clips and plastic fixings with stainless screws are produced to fit in the composite decking grooves. It is set to fix decking and avoid lateral movement of decks. This set is easy to install, and it is very effective in reducing movement. While maintaining a clean deck surface, it has strong abrasion resistance and durability. We have 9 color options, 11 width options to consider and customized service is also available.

Spacer clips are used with screws to effectively connect and fix your WPC decking. At the same time, they are hidden fasteners, which will not affect the clean appearance of the floor. The two perfectly match and perfectly fit the groove of the floor. They are durable with low maintenance because of their components(wood plastic composite). It’s easy to install with slot holes. Thanks to the special locking of the upper part, quick assembly is possible.

L angle trim is a kind of practical corner decoration, which can achieve safe and beautiful effects when combined with your deck. It only needs simple fixation with adhesive or screws. Unifloor L angle trim consists of wood plastic composite materials that are quite durable. Our L-angle trim is easy to use and clean. We offered customized services to meet different requirements.

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