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Eco Deck

Why composite eco deck?

Eco deck is becoming the preferred decorative material and represents the future of decorating, and Unifloor, as a professional manufacturer of outdoor decorative products, always strives to be eco-friendly.

Exterior Wall Cladding

Top 5 exterior wall cladding ideas

Some great exterior wall cladding ideas are displayed here. Wall cladding in Unifloor, is a chance to protect and beautify your wall.

Composite Decking Panels

Can composite decking panels be cut?

Unifloor composite decking panels can be cut just like wood. Three common cutting tools include circular saws, table saws, and miter saws.

Wood Composite Decking

Why wood composite decking?

Wood composite decking is the choice of an increasing number of homeowners and builders. It is a worthwhile investment, both in terms of durability, ease of maintenance, and cost-effectiveness.

What Is Composite Decking

What is composite decking?

Composite decking is not a natural wood material, it is made of 35%HDPE(Grade A Recycled HDPE)+ 55% Wood fiber component + 10% chemical additives. The composite decking boards need less maintenance than traditional wood decking, and from the appearance, composite decking is more aesthetic, more durable and sustainable.

Best Decking Material 2022

Best decking material 2022

What is the best decking material 2022? The answer to this question varies for different needs. The best material is the one that meets your needs within your budget.

Hollow Vs. Solid Composite Decking

Hollow vs solid composite decking

Hollow vs solid composite decking, which is better for your backyard? Backyard decks provide a great place for outdoor fun times.

Composite Decking Around Pool

What’s the best composite decking around pool?

Capped composite decking is the best composite decking around pool. It is suitable for use around pools because this type of decking offers a higher level of water resistance as well as slip resistance, easy maintenance, etc.

Decking Composite Boards

Can decking composite boards be painted?

Decking composite boards can be painted, but not recommended. Most wood plastic composite decks can be painted and stained, except for capped composites.

Composite Decking Garden Ideas (9)
Composite Bench

Composite decking garden ideas – made of WPC

The garden is the angel that purifies the soul. No matter where in the world, people will always awaken it with love, and then enjoy it uniquely.
We recommend the following WPC decoration for your vacant garden to create a unique leisure space for you.

Composite Decking 1

Which Composite decking is best?

There are a variety of composite decking boards on the market, different WPC decking brands also have different styles, and different styles of decking composites also have different surface treatments and colors. So what is the best composite decking?

Composite Board Decking

Will composite board decking fade?

Wood-plastic composite board decking is highly fade-resistant and retains its color solidity for a long time, and the level of fade resistance varies depending on the manufacturer and the type of decking.

Outdoor Composite Decking

Does outdoor composite decking get hot?

Outdoor composite decking is the preferred decking material of the 21st century. However, in the hot sun, the surface temperature inevitably rises, but don’t worry, there are still many ways to keep your decking cool.

Composite Wood For Decking

Does composite wood for decking expand and contract?

Composite wood for decking, made from wood fiber and recyclable plastic still faces expansion and contraction, but less than wood because of its good moisture and weather resistance. Unifloor always offers you durable composite wood decking for outdoor decoration.

Composite Decking Kit

Can a composite decking kit be laid directly on the ground?

For stable and longer use, the composite decking kit cannot be laid directly on the ground surface. It needs to be laid on a basement made of joists, and the basement needs to be laid on gravel or pedestals. Unifloor always provides durable composite decking kits for you.

Capped Composite Decking
Capped Composite Decking

Is capped composite decking any good?

Capped composite decking is best in weather resistance, durability, recyclability, natural appearance, easy maintenance, easy installation, and wear resistance.

Composite Decking Board

Why is composite decking board better than wood?

Why is composite decking board better than wood is based on a comparison of 7 factors: maintenance, installation, durability, weather resistance, color variety, recyclability, and speed of technological innovation. Unifloor has specialized in manufacturing composite decking boards for more than 10 years.

Best Composite Decking

How to choose the best composite decking?

The best composite decking (also known as wood plastic composite decking) is high-performance, low maintenance, easy to install, cost-effective, and durable. Unifloor provides you with satisfactory outdoor decoration solutions.

Anti-Slip Composite Decking

Benefits of anti-slip composite decking

Being used for outdoor decorative decking, weather resistance and anti-slip/non-skid effect are important. When building decks, anti-slip composite decking is recommended.

composite wood decking

How to install composite wood decking on uneven ground?

Building a composite wood decking on an uneven surface is still possible. An adjustable support pedestal is ideal for uneven surfaces and concrete support posts are ideal for slopes with a high degree of inclination.

what is composite cladding

What Is Composite Cladding?

Composite cladding is a new type of exterior structural cladding, which is composed of wood fiber and recycled plastic and looks similar to wood cladding.

WPC Deck

What is the WPC deck?

WPC deck is made from a composite of wood fiber and plastic. It’s a relatively new kind of decoration solution. It is widely used for interior and exterior decoration because of its high performance and durability.

Composite Cladding

Composite cladding vs. vinyl cladding, which is better?

Composite cladding and vinyl cladding are two materials commonly used for exterior covering. In terms of weather resistance, durability, environmental friendliness and insulation of the material, and low cost of installation, composite wall panels perform better.

deck boards

3 Best Deck Boards Materials

There are so many kinds of deck boards we can choose from, 3 best decking materials are recommended here.

how to install deck tiles

How To Install Deck Tiles-9 Important Things You Need To Know

How to install deck tiles is something we need to consider carefully before we decide to buy and apply them. This article will specifically introduce wood plastic composite deck tiles, specific installation steps, and matters needing attention.

composite deck screws

1 Comprehensive Introduction On Composite Deck Screws

Composite deck screws are the best choice for wood plastic composite decking installation. It is an essential part of the hidden fastener system. This blog is a comprehensive introduction to composite deck screws.

wood plastic composite price

Competitive Wood Plastic Composite Price Compared With Other 3 Materials

Wood plastic composite decking is a new eco-friendly material with high performance. Wood plastic composite price is quite an important factor to consider when we make a cautious decision. This blog introduces the pros and cons of wood plastic composite decking and price comparison with other 3 materials.

decking balustrade

Fitting Decking Balustrade With 10 Instructive Steps

Decking balustrade is a protective decoration facility, widely used indoors or outdoors. This blog includes 10 instructive steps on how to fit the decking balustrade, decking balustrade maintenance requirements, accessories, etc.