Competitive Wood Plastic Composite Price Compared With Other 3 Materials

wood plastic composite price

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Wood-plastic composite decking is a new eco-friendly material with high performance. Wood plastic composite price is quite an important factor to consider when we make a cautious decision. This blog introduces the pros and cons of wood plastic composite decking and price comparison with other 3 materials.

What is wood plastic composite decking?

WPC decking refers to wood plastic composite decking, a blend of wood fiber and recycled plastic. WPC is also known as plastic wood, natural fiber plastic composite and natural fiber reinforced plastic, etc. Best wood plastic composite product is totally eco-friendly and can be recycled fully.

Pros of WPC decking

As a promising and cost-effective alternative to traditional timber decking, WPC decking performs higher performance. Some pros of it are listed here.

  1. More widely applied with stronger water, moisture, weather, and insect resistance.
  2. Skilled surface treatment provides a unique appearance for WPC decking.
  3. Time-saving installation. No complicated installation process.
  4. Easier maintenance by jet cleaning or simple hose flushing.
  5. High fire resistance ensures the safety of your furniture.
  6. Rich appearance makes it the ideal home decoration.
  7. High plasticity creates unique personal styles.
  8. Eco-friendly materials can be used safely.
  9. Various options on styles and colors.

Cons of WPC decking

WPC deck is very competitive in terms of performance, but we need to consider some other factors, including its price, and so on when we make a cautious decision.

1. Wood plastic decking has obvious advantages in performance. While providing upgraded performance, its initial price is relatively expensive, which has become a disadvantage. Since the follow-up maintenance cost is negligible, its initial price is also equivalent to its total price. When you are evaluating the cost-effectiveness of each material, please combine the initial price and maintenance price as a whole to evaluate.

2. Products comparison. If you want to find the product that best meets your needs, you need to carefully select among many manufacturers. Although the performance of wood-plastic decking is very attractive, the quality of the products varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Wood plastic composite price

After understanding the features of WPC decking, you must look forward to experiencing such a product. Before that, we need to take the wood plastic composite price into consideration. Following is a comparison among different materials.

Wood-plastic composite is the fastest-growing new raw material in the decking market. It provides excellent weather resistance, attractive aesthetics, and ultra-low maintenance costs.

It can also effectively avoid some of the inherent drawbacks of other materials, it has gradually won the recognition and preference of more people. There are some other commonly used materials like wood, vinyl, and metal, etc. Next, let’s compare their prices.

MaterialsAverage Prices Range(sq ft)

As compared above, the initial price of WPC decking is relatively higher than other materials. Compared with the higher installation cost of vinyl decking, the WPC decking is much easier to install with accessories and instructions. Compared with the modern industrial style of aluminum decking, wood plastic decking shares a more natural grain perception.

The initial price of WPC decking is higher than softwood decking, but lower than hardwood, taking into account the annual maintenance cost and maintenance time, the price gap between the two materials will be smaller than expected. Outdoor decoration is a long-term investment, so in the long run, WPC decking is a high cost-effective consideration. The specific wood plastic composite prices vary from different brands, patterns, and sizes.

Unifloor composite decking series

Unifloor supplies several composite decking series options include traditional, 3D embossed, and capped composite decking.

1. Traditional WPC decking


As for traditional composite decking, we offer solid decking, hollow, six-round-holes, and eight-round-holes decking. There are more than 30 styles and 8 colors to choose from. In addition, we also accept customized services on its specifications or colors to create a completely satisfactory decking experience for you.

Wood grain patterns to select


wood grain patterns
wood grain patterns

2. Deep embossing decking

The deep embossed decking stands out because of its beautiful pattern and surface treatment. Both solid and hollow decking are available.

16 surface pattern selections

color ashtree


color oak


dotted ashtree




deep bark grain

deep bark grain

creativity grain

middle line



deep growth ring

deep growth ring

old wood

old wood

elm pattern

dargon grain

deep growth ring

3. Capped composite decking

capped composite decking

The capped composite decking is also known as WPC co-extrusion decking, has been upgraded to the second generation with stronger performance. The first generation offers 2 types with 6-round-holes or 7-round-holes. The second generation offers 3 types to choose from.