Clear Cost Comparison of Composite Fencing and another 4 materials

Composite fencing

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What is composite fencing?

Composite fencing is a new kind of fencing material, which consists of recyclable wood fiber and recyclable plastic which is totally eco-friendly. It is an ideal substitute for traditional fencing because of its better performance but lower maintenance. It has become a newly welcomed material trend because of its convenience for maintaining and installs, and other trouble-free features.

Unifloor provides multiple composite decking patterns to DIY WPC fences. WPC fencing can be recycled completely. The wood-plastic composite fence panels has such good performance, then how much does composite fencing cost? Let’s compare the cost of several common applied materials including chain link, vinyl, wood, wood-plastic composite, and metal.

Cost comparison of 5 materials from low to high

MaterialsImagesAverage Prices
Chain linkchain-link-fence$5-20

The average price range of chain link fencing is $5-20, $10-40 of vinyl, $17-45 of wood, $25-37 of the wood-plastic composite fence, $26-34 of a metal fence. Metal fencing and composite fencing cost relatively higher than other materials, but they also vary by brand and style. Compared to metal fencing, composite fencing does not need to worry about rust.

Performance comparison of 5 fencing materials

As compared above, the initial price of composite fencing is higher than other materials, then is composite fencing worth the cost? The answer is yes. After comparing the prices, let’s make a performance comparison of different fences.

Combining the price and features of chain link fences, it can be known that chain link fences have advantages in terms of affordability and security, it can block animals and intruders outside. However, due to the limited fence height in residential use, the safety effect is average. In addition, the performance is also poor in terms of privacy protection.

Vinyl fencing requires low maintenance and is easy to clean, it won’t splinter or rot. But it performs weakly in weather resistance, extreme weather can damage the material. Algae, mold, and mildew can cause staining. Besides, it is not a natural material.

Wood is the most commonly used fence material, and it has the best visual effect. But it is inevitably greatly affected by the weather, and requires high maintenance, requiring regular painting, and is difficult to repair.

The metal fence contains wrought iron, aluminum, steel, and other materials. Durability is their common advantage, but expensive and easy to rust are common disadvantages.

Composite fencing is competitive in its performance. It performs better in weather resistance, water resistance, stain resistance, etc. As a building decoration and safe guarder, fencing has been an important part of daily life, so easy maintenance can save us a lot of time, energy, and follow-up maintenance costs. Actually, composite fencing is a relatively worry-free choice. It achieves long-term cost-effectiveness.

Unifloor has been trying to protect and beautify your private space. It provides 3 series of WPC fencing with multiple styles, it also provides customized service to meet your needs better. Come and look for better new fencing here.


light grey



Color Options

Fb158h20sm Colour Wood


Fb158h20sm Colour Redwood


Fb158h20sm Colour Lightgrey

Light grey

Fb158h20sm Colour Grey


Fb158h20sm Colour Coffee


Fb158h20sm Colour Chocolate


Fb158h20sm Colour Charcoal


Fb158h20sm Colour Cedar


DIY Accessories

Alu. Post

Alu. Post

Plastic Post Cap

Plastic Post Cap

Composite Fence Board

Alu. Cover

Alu. Post

Alu. U-Groove

Alu. U-Groove

The best way to find out the most proper solution for our needs is to sort the points of interest in order of importance, and then filter products based on this order. If you want a completely natural texture most, then you can choose the wooden fence, but not to forget its continuous maintenance which costs more time and money in the long run.

Now, composite fencing has been made to mimic the texture of wood, and at the same time, its strong weather-resistant has made it a great attraction.

If you are confused about how amazing your fencing could be, you can find a satisfactory answer in Unifloor.