Benefits of anti-slip composite decking

Anti-Slip Composite Decking

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Being used for outdoor decorative decking, weather resistance and anti-slip/non-skid effect are important. When building decks, anti-slip composite decking is recommended. Composite decking is one of the safest decking materials and is less prone to chipping with stronger weather resistance. The non-slip design of the decking in Unifloor reduces the risk of people slipping and getting injured, providing a longer usage.

Unifloor anti-slip composite decking

How is wood plastic composite decking designed? How is the anti-slip effect achieved? Three specific designs to keep you safe.

Impervious surface

Wood-plastic composite decking is made of renewable wood fiber and plastic. Compared with other materials, it has better water resistance, and its performance is being upgraded continuously. The upgraded capped composite decking is based on the original material composition, plus a layer of PE protective layer, the impermeable material on the surface can prevent water from entering, at the same time, not easy to be slippery.

Rough surface texture

The surface texture of Unifloor’s anti-slip composite decking is diverse. The rough surface provides enough friction to enhance safety.

Anti-slip groove design

In addition, Unifloor also provides the best anti-slip effect with the anti-slip groove surface of the floor. Anti-slip groove design is simple, easy to drain, and anti-slip effectively. So it’s a popular choice for outside decoration. It reduces the trouble of the wet season. Otherwise, the width of the anti-slip grooves is optional, as is the color of the flooring. You’ll find the right flooring style here.

Others require attention

Even if you adapt the anti-slip composite decking, you still need to pay attention to the following situations to avoid falls and injuries, so that you and your family can use the outdoor space safely and happily.

  1. Pile of fallen leaves. Floor surface piles of fallen leaves, etc. may cause the growth of mold and mildew. This debris accumulates on the surface of the floor for a long time will cause the surface of the floor to become slippery.

The solution is to sweep your deck in time. Remove leaves, dirt, debris, etc. from your deck in a timely manner. If you find mold on your deck, use a stiff bristle broom to brush it off promptly. This will prevent the deck from becoming slippery over time and will also prevent damage to the deck. Achieve a long-time floor neat and beautiful.

  1. Snow and ice accumulation. This is a factor related to the external climate, and the relationship between the floor itself and the material is not much. In the rainy season, the water on the surface of the floor will not cause trouble, but in winter, the water and ice on the surface of the floor are really a problem.

Outdoor floors face the problem of snow and ice accumulation in winter and should be cleared in time to avoid prolonged accumulation on the surface of the floor. A suggestion for this problem is to use a non-slip carpet. Even if the floor is smooth, it can prevent slippage. It can be safer and protect the floor at the same time. This means that when the rainy season and winter pass and the carpet are removed, you still have a brand new floor.

Maintenance tips for decking

What can we do to keep the floor in good condition for a long time?

Deep cleaning twice a year

In the relatively dry spring and the beginning of autumn, the deep cleaning of the floor can largely prevent the accumulation of moss, mold, and mildew. More tips on how to clean composite decking.

Floor clearance and fastener cleaning

The fastener system of wood plastic composite flooring makes the floor installation process easier, and also makes the floor surface more beautiful and more convenient to walk. But also easy to be ignored. It is recommended to clean once a year to ensure normal drainage and reduce the moisture on the surface of the floor.

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